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Monument of toad 



participating artist works(CHOI, JUNGHOON 최정훈),

selected pictures of work


In the residential quarter where I live, each house has another house: that is so-called ‘toad’s house’. In Korea, people call a fuse box a ‘toad’s house’. Unlike the houses in which we live, there is no one living there. Perhaps, once there would be a time when they were occupied, but they are desolate now.


When my friend told me in a half-jest that we should make a toad to live in a toad’s house (fuse box), the pedestal that lost its owners, the Burghers of Calais by Rodin came to my mind. The pedestal that stood like a monument to commemorate the burghers of Calais, despite the fact that it has lost its owners, I erected monuments for the toads for each house. 


The monument was made up of pieces of wood such as fragments falling out of the external wall of each house and the scraps discarded outside their gates. Because, the broken pieces came out of the original frames would be useless and thereby abandoned from a point of view, nevertheless, these fragments represent, at least for me, the very moment when I found the existence of the toads.  


Dongdaemun-gu, image 01


participating artist works(CHOI, JUNGHOON 최정훈), image 02

DSC02082 copy.jpg

selected work, image 03


selected work, image 04


selected work, image 05

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