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Rock doesn't roll  


Installation view at Show RCA 

This is a device designed to measure the social distance oscillating one`s belief systems.
Triggered by the reciprocal proximity of the viewer to itself, software programmed to measure distance, detect the void between spectator and the equipment deployed from the outset. Relative to such interactions. absolute horizontal and vertical lines projected outward, oscillate; to continuously construct an otherwise non-existent space if not for the intervention go physical and social entanglements of others.
Rock doesn`t roll+
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Installation view of the wall at Show RCA 2018

Programmed architecture
In order to maintain equilibrium, this device requires two or more people.
The laser will self-level.
(it indicates an imbalance by flashing, however this does not mean that one loses equilibrium.)
The device sends out a high-frequency sound pulse,
measuring the length of time which takes for your echo to reflect back. 
Distance = Time x speed of sound (341m per sec) divided by 2 ( the sound wave travels to you and back.)
The software code is built under 'The General rules of social distance' defined by Edward T.Hall (1966).
  • Public zone: >12 feet(3m)
  • Social zone: 4 - 12 feet(1.5m - 3m)
  • Personal zone: 1.5 - 4 feet(0.5m - 1.5m)
  • Intimate zone: <1.5 feet( <0.5m): Romance of all kinds happens in this space

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