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Temporal Supplement 

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The basic premise of the work that I intended to do is simple: install some facilities in the studio to make it fit for studio based work. Counter to what I had been told from the school however, the studio was not ready for greeting us upon arriving. 
At the beginning, the studio was an empty space; no chairs, no desks and a broken door. Sometimes just doing something is the solution to find out what is in my mind or narrow down what I have focused on, but in an empty space what was I supposed to do, or how was I to approach the process of making: an endless quest to use workshops.
The initial plan was a sink with reusable water. The sink and water tap would function as per normal but that they are connected to each other so that water comes out from the tap and goes down into the drain, creating an endless cycle. In essence, they respectively have a function without consideration of the situation. 
I was satisfied with this plan and it was the end of the first term.
When I came back to London after 3 weeks however, I encountered a real SINK in the studio. It should not have happened. Several things that I prepared for my work became useless. Although there are still significant problems within the studio, at least the sink is not an issue anymore. 
The problem that I want to talk about has waned and eclipsed. I am not sure when the suitable moment to criticize the circumstances of the studio were, but one thing is sure, I missed that moment.
Since it has been already solved or it has been habituated.

Temporal Supplement 


Installation view at the studio 

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